Low Income Housing Tax Credits | Saving lives through affordable housing

Dec 12

Garry Watkins, President of Wabuck Development Company and a Kentucky Affordable Housing Coalition member was featured in Affordable Housing Finance Magazine, January 2018 edition, for his role in the development of four Recovery Kentucky Projects throughout the state of Kentucky.

Donna Kimura’s article “Saving Lives”, illustrates how affordable housing is critical to the solution of helping solve the nations opioid epidemic problem.

Recovery Kentucky was a joint initiative created through Kentucky Housing Corporation, Department for Local Government and the Department of Corrections. Funding, such as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, as well as other state and federal resources were allocated to this effort to develop housing facilities to assist men and women recovering from substance abuse. Currently, Kentucky has 13 Recovery Kentucky centers across the state.

To read more about Recovery Kentucky and the role it plays in helping Kentucky combat the opioid epidemic and other drug related addictions, click on the link below.


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